About the brand…

In a world dominated by mass production, fast fashion, synthetic materials and clothes without meaningful story behind – this brand aims for the opposite.

In order to avoid unnecessary overproduction and help minimize the environmental pollution, each piece is ethically handmade in Croatia, meaning that it goes into hand production only after you place your order. 

We don’t have stock, nor mass produce. Each item is crafted with respect and aligned with zero waste policy, therefore all the leftover materials are reused and given a new life.

About materials…

Prioritizing locally outsourced materials and handmade clothing pieces, minimises transportation, carbon output, and consequently environmental pollution.

Each bohemian piece is made out of 100% natural materials, from the fabric to details, such as coconut buttons. Our materials are natural, soft, breathable and comfortable. A play with fabric texture, mimicking relief of our planet, brings your senses a unique experience.

About the founder…

The founder of the brand is a free spirited enthusiastic solo traveler, an individual of a child-like curiosity. She grew up in a small village in Croatia, which made her curiosity deeper. She wanted to explore this beautiful world of ours for as long as she can remember. She is not afraid of the differences, yet gets inspired, implementing it to her creative universe.

Ena is a curious individual who wanders off with a one-way ticket to the most remote islands and jungles of our mesmerizing planet, bringing the inspiration back to her fashion collection and her homeland. All of the bohemian pieces were created and inspired by her travels all around the world, from the hidden beautiful Balinese rice fields and mesmerising Ubud jungle, remote islands of Thailand and Cambodia, Caribbean crystal clear waters, Mexican colorful towns, indigenous artisans to Mayan sacred world, all merged into one – “A Bohemian Resort Fashion Collection”.

The Bohemian Resort Fashion Collection

The Bohemian Resort pieces are ethically handmade garments with soul, pieces you can create an emotional connection with. Pieces that will last as long as you are willing to take care of them.

Each garment was created for an independent travel soul, and all of your daring adventures and mesmerising exotic destinations. For you, dear wearer, to feel empowered yet comfortable, as if you are wearing your truth and proudly sharing it with the world.

The Bohemian Resort Fashion Collection is trendless, so the garments will not go out of style. You won’t replace them in search for something “on trend” this season. Each piece is timeless, proudly walking down the sustainable, slow fashion path.

So, dear reader, follow us on our slow fashion path and join us on our spiritual bohemian adventure.

With an open mind and soul,

Ena ❤️